Kami in Canvas from the Student Perspective

This post is important for both students and teachers.

We have made several posts about using Kami in Canvas. We urge teachers to use this tool if for students to fill out worksheets and as a general replacement to paper.

But what happens after a teachers set up the Canvas/ Kami assignment?

Opening and turning in an Assignment (For Students)

Students will have either an embedded Kami view within Canvas or a button to open Kami, if teachers choose to have Kami open in a new tab on the previous step.  Kami will automatically create a copy of the file for that student and add it to the Google Drive account of both the teacher and the student.

When the student is finished, they can turn in the file using the button at the top right corner:

Grading responses using Speed Grader (For Teachers)

Teachers can see the status and grade their student’s responses using the speed grader tool:

This allows you to give detailed feedback using all the Kami tools while submitting a grade through Canvas.


modified from https://help.kamiapp.com/en/articles/3161100-using-kami-s-canvas-integration-upgraded