Make Your Canvas Dashboard Cards Pop!

  • Want to add some pizzazz to your Canvas Dashboard? Use Canva with Canvas! Canva is a free graphic design site for those of us who aren’t graphic designers. Canva Review for 2020

    To see a video explaining how to use Canva to jazz up Canvas, go to the next slide by clicking either arrow adjacent to this text box.

    Note that you can use these images made in Canva for more than just the Canvas Dashboard Cards. You could easily embed these Canva images in your pages, assignments and announcements using the Rich Content Editor. 

How to Embed a Website into Canvas

We are able to embed most web pages into Canvas. There are exceptions to this that we’ll run across. For instance,  Adobe Spark Pages will not embed. (However, there is a workaround for that as we’ve added the Adobe Spark LTI to Canvas).  In time, we will discover other websites that do not work. Whether it is embeddable or not is in the control of the web-designer. However, the steps shown below in the video will work for the vast majority of websites.

The iframe editor that I used in the video below is here.

Why embed the website? Sometimes it is just easier for all parties involved if the material sits right in Canvas. Besides, it looks better than a link.